Policlinic Kustec in Croatia

With over 35 years of experience in the field of dentistry
we offer a complete dental service of the highest quality.
Dental implants, bone reconstruction,
prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry and even orthodontics.

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Dental laboratory

All our doings are the result of the synergy between
our dental practices and our dental laboratory

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The most prestigious dental clinic in Croatia

After more than 24 years of experience as dentists, Ivan and Miriana Kustec are pleased to welcome you at the Polyclinic Kustec in Zagreb in Croatia.

All on four

Dental implants

Cosmetic dentistry

Dental laborotory


It’s all in one place! We guarantee the highest quality and production speed of our work.

ALL ON FOURFixed teeth in just 2 days
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DMD Mirjana Kustec

"The passion for my work gives me energy
For over 30 years, from the first day i still work with
with the same enthusiasm".

DMD Ivan Kustec

"From the early school days i follow
the vocation of my family."

ImplantologyIdeal replacement for missing teeth
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All on four: fixed teeth in 3 days

With All on four technique we built in only four implants per jaw placed at specific locations in the mouth: two front placed vertically and two at the level of slightly sloped premolars of about 30 to 45 degrees. these dental implants have the same function as the root of the missing tooth, and on which it’s possible to mount the fixed bridge.

Dental implants: fixed and lasting solution

Currently dental implants are made of titanium, a perfectly biocompatibile material that alows and excellent osteointegration minimizing any type of allergic and inflammatory reaction on the part of the oral cavity, also it’s able to withstand a large masticatory stresses to which it’s exposed.

Dental lab

Inside our dental clinic we have a dental laboratory specialized in the manufacturing of dental prosthetics. Having an in-house laboratory allows us to devote out full attention to the wishes of the patients but also functional and aesthetic quality of the result minimizing the waiting time. All out work is the result of synergy between the dental practice and dental laboratory.

Dentists of the highest quality in Croatia!

A beautiful smile

The Policlinic Kustec offers a range of services that have only one goal: to create a beautiful and confident smile that will last a lifetime.

Our goal

teamOur goal is to ensure quality and safety during a procedure. We use all the time necessary to understand the problems of patients and at the same time to create a treatment plan which meets their goals. A patient`s comfort is one of our primary goals. We always encourage patients to express their problems. We are proud to say that most of our new patients have come to us through our older patients.

Our dentists, assistants, dental technicians and also our administrative staff are continually updating their education. The treatments are performed by renowned experts with the help of professional staff with an excellent knowledge of the Italian language.

More than 20 years of experience

For more than 20 years we have been working mainly with Italian customers, our preparations are on a European level, and we are using the best equipment on the market today.

We have multiple years of experience with foreign clients, especially with the Italians, because of geographical vicinity, high quality materials and services that have been recognized by our patients and their satisfaction has been shown by the arrival of new patients.

10-year guarantee

The warranty for implants is 10 years and for denture-work five years. Each implant has a certification and quality assurance IDENTICARD, a globally recognized passport that identifies the implant, as well as the surgical procedure of the implant placement.

For our implants we are relying on BIOmet3i technology (a world leader in the implants production) or the Italian DentalTech.

The guarantee is achieved if the patient adheres to the advice and recommendations of the doctor, if he has not performed any procedures in other dental practices without prior consultation with our doctors, if he is coming at least once a year for regular check-ups, and if he is maintaining regular dental hygiene.

Absolute professionalism

We are pleased to welcome you in the new premium facility where excellent experts who will give you back a beautiful smile are working, thanks to the most innovative, less invasive technologies, and primarily at low prices!

In our policlinic, we are offering absolute professionalism, multiple interventions performed by renowned experts who are helped by a qualified staff, trained to use the latest techniques.

A quality partnership

We are proud of a long cooperation with the best implants producers BioMET and Dental-Tech.

biometdentista croazia


“Years of neglecting my teeth resulted in a small disaster and I was affraid that it was beyond repair. Staff in Kustec Policlinic put my worries at ease and helped me fix all of my problems!”

Mike, Newcastle

“I have a feeling that the whole world can see my smile right now! So happy, once again! Thank you Dr. Kustec!”

Joanna, London

“This smile that Dr. Kustec gave me after I’ve lost it so long ago makes me happy, content and confident!”

Jenny, London

“Thank you Dr. Kustec for your professional and humane approach. You made disappear my fear of dentists.”

Marc, London

“I finally have my smile back. And no more pain! Thank you to everybody in Policlinic Kustec!”

Angela, London