All on four in Croatia

Implantology with immediate loading or all-on-4

A patient who has no teeth in the entire jaw can restore the natural chewing thanks to the innovative technology ALL-ON-4 also known as implantology with immediate loading.

What patients aspire after the loss of all teeth is a safe, sustainable and above all a rapid restoration, and because of that implantology with immediate loading is a revolution in dentistry.

With the ALL-ON-4 technique only four implants per jaw are placed on specific locations in the mouth: the two front ones are mounted vertically and the two in the premolar level are slightly tilted at about 30 to 45 degrees. These implants have the same function as the root of the missing tooth, and a bridge can be placed on them.

Because of the speed of its execution it is generally defined as implantology with immediate loading, it allows the teeth firmness at the positioning point of the implant in the jaw, which means that it is put when the implants are being placed.

As far as implantology goes, it may be the one with immediate loading or with deferred loading, in which case it is necessary to wait 3-6 months for proper healing and a complete osseointegration.

It may be noted that there are no significant differences in the level of osseointegration and healing among the implants with immediate loading, thanks to the usage of perfectly biocompatible titanium implants in both cases.

The implantology with immediate loading guarantees the same results and the same efficiency as the one with deferred loading.

Advantages of implantology all-on-4:

  • Reducing of the number of implants (only 4),
  • Speed of the procedure,
  • Recovery of the masticatory system after a few days,
  • Reducing of time,
  • Possibility of implantation even for patients with a lack of bone.

Not all patients are suitable for the ALL-ON-4 technique; actually, the dentist will determine which type of implant is the most appropriate for your clinical case after an examination and after a dental X-ray.

The ALL-ON-4 implantology is recommended for:

  • Smokers,
  • Patients suffering from immune system diseases,
  • Patients who are going through radiotherapy or chemotherapy,
  • Patients who suffer from bruxism.

The implantology with immediate load also known as ALL-ON-4 permits achieving of maximum results in the shortest time possible!

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