Some patients due of certain pathologies eventually begin losing their teeth, until the stage when they become completely toothless. Teeth are of a very great importance, primarily for proper nutrition, but also for speech communications and facial expression. With the occurrence of innovative dental techniques it is possible to solve the problem of edentulousness, depending on the wishes and needs of the patient.

Dentures are made today thanks to specialized dental technicians whose aim is to replace the previous tooth structure with new artificial teeth, all in order to restore the function of chewing food.

Dentures therefore can be:

  • Removable dentures (i.e., those not involving any implantology, they are not attached to the dental bone)
  • Partial dentures (with partial implantology on some teeth)
  • Complete dentures (implantation of all teeth when a patient has full edentulousness).

Removable denture:

The removable denture is called like that because the patient can remove the denture at any time. This is a situation where patients are suffering from complete or partial edentulousness. With the removable denture it is possible to rehabilitate a part or the whole dental arch. It is made of special personalized materials for each patient, because an impression of the gums of every patient is taken, and that is subsequently sent to a dental lab on the basis of which a denture will be made.

Partial (semi-removable) denture:

protesi dentaria in croazia The semi-removable denture requires implants which may vary from 2 to 4 teeth per jaw. In this case, the implants are interconnected with a metal structure and can be fixed so as to guarantee that the denture will not move during a normal everyday use. The denture is removed when the patient has to perform regular oral hygiene habits.

The semi-removable denture fixed by implants ensures that the result is, from an aesthetic point of view hardly noticeable compared to natural teeth and that it has a very high functional quality that will allow the patient to eat and speak without any problems.

Complete (fixed) denture

The fixed denture is absolutely the most effective and the most long-lasting method. The dental arch is replaced by implants that are attached to the dental bone (six to the upper, six to the bottom jaw). Twelve metal ceramic or zircon ceramic crowns will subsequently be added to the titanium dental implants. In that way, the implantology allows the returning of functionality to the teeth without neglecting the aesthetics.

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