The dental crown is used to replace teeth that are damaged, lost or of an aesthetically unattractive shape and colour.
They are developed by experienced professionals in the dental laboratory who take account of the original form of the damaged tooth. The material that is most used is a combination of metal and ceramic. The dental crown is made of a central metal core covered with ceramics, which combines the strength of the metal that provides excellent functionality with the aesthetics of ceramics which gives the typical whiteness of natural teeth.

When are they recommended?

  • After losing a tooth element,
  • After devitalisation and with teeth of uneven colouring,
  • With fractured or broken teeth,
  • After a placement of dental implants.

Porcelain crowns are long-lasting, durable, and they look natural.


A dental bridge is a set of crowns that allows a repairing of a partial or complete edentulousness, which occurred due to the loss of one or more teeth.
The bridge also includes neighbouring teeth to the empty space where the missing tooth is, on the previously polished teeth a bridge made of three or more crowns is anchored.
Bridges can also be incorporated into dental implants if the lack of teeth is larger than one element.

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