Why choose us?

teeth in two days • organized transportation

Why choose us?

BECAUSE… The dental practice Kustec has over twenty years of experience in dental tourism in Croatia and offers to all our patients the highest possible professionalism. In our clinic, you will find doctor who are specialized in dental implantology and artificial bone implantation, who will recommend the best treatment for your current situation, and who will take care of you and your smile.

BECAUSE… There is a dental laboratory in our clinic specialized in making dentures. The laboratory within the clinic ensures a maximum respect for the wishes of our patients but also the functionality and the aesthetic quality of the results as soon as possible. All our doings are the result of the synergy between our dental practices and our dental laboratory.
“To do a great job, it is necessary to do it from the beginning to the end within the policlinic.”
Until we are finished with making your model, the staff does not move to another job.
That makes us proud, and it guarantees us that the product that we provide for our patient is really tailored for each individual.

BECAUSE… We have many years of experience in this field, and because of the dental laboratory within the policlinic which allows us to achieve maximum results in the shortest time. Absences from home can be stressful for our patients, and for this reason we are dedicating ourselves only to you and we are striving to make your stay in Croatia as short as possible, and after only a few days you will return home smiling.

BECAUSE… during the stay in our policlinic in Croatia we guarantee to all of our patients free accommodation, as well as for their company during the treatment. And if you want to stay in a hotel or an apartment near the clinic, we will offer you big discounts.

BECAUSE… We pay great attention to the quality of the material by constant controls of all the products that we are using in the laboratory and we are submitting them to regular controls. We can say proudly that we have been sales representatives for an American company and for Biomet-Tech Dental in Croatia for many years. At the end of a treatment for each patient in our dental practice a regular/valid guarantee and a passport are issued in which the type of the performed work (dental implants, implantation of an artificial bone …) and the used material is identified.

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